Hi, I am looking to find this specific dog,,he is my life, his name is Sailor, and I miss him so dearly, So if you have seen him or have saw him or even have him please let me know I am worried sick about him, and miss Sailor so much. He is 10 years old , cokerspaniel mix , with a beagle. I love him dearly, and I know he misses me!! He has brought me through alot of very difficult health problems , I know that sounds silly but it is true, and my health is not getting any better, I would just love to have him back!He could be anywhere from Sydney to Halifax! Sailor was like my child, he was treated like a child not just some dog,so again if anyone knows his whereabouts or who have seen him, please let me know. It has been one month and two weeks and I can't seem stop looking at all his pictures!! Thank you in advance, please feel free to contact me!! SAILOR HAS BEEN ADOPTED out so if anyone who has him please let me know how hw is doing,,,the SPCA has done this to me,,,,I am just wanting to let his new owners know what he likes and dislikes and like I said to see how he is doing,,I am Still missing im sooo much, I would appreciate this!!! This is now August 16th, and I haven't heard a word from anyone yet he has alot of views, please if anyone has any information about my baby Sailor please let me know,,I would really appreciate this!
It is now Oct 14th, andI still never recieve a response from anyone whom might have seen or have Sailor, I still miss him soo much, and it hurts beyond any animal lovers wild imagination. I see all the hits on his page and is amazed, whomever has him please tell him I love him and will never forget my baby. I will not give up I know someone has him, I just need to know he is OK and is happy.

I found out that Sailor is in Ontario now, and I couldn't be more upset, the person who knew the people who have him say he is healthy. I am still praying that these people will find it in there hearts for me to have him back.
The only thing I wish for Christmas is to have my baby back.

Sailor turnes 11 years old on Dec.19th. Happy Birthday Sailor. LOVE You!!